Wiring & Equipment Options


Telephone companies are responsible for the maintenance and repair of telephone lines to the point of demarcation. Customers are responsible for any repair beyond this point.

Choctaw Telephone Company offers Repair Service Plus for $1.25 per month. If the customers subscribes to Repair Service Plus the company will determine if the trouble is beyond the point of demarcation at no charge to the customer. If the trouble is found beyond that point, the company will repair or replace any Company Approved wiring, the customer will only pay for material used. If the wiring is not Company Approved the customer may request the company to repair the wiring to company specifications for a minimum charge of $25.00 for the 1st 30 minutes and $25.00 for each additional 30 minutes plus material.

If the customer does not subscribe to Repair Service Plus and the trouble is found to be beyond the point of demarcation, a $15.00 trip charge will apply. At that point the customer may request the company to fix the problem at the rate and condition stated above.

Company approved wiring is any wiring installed by the company or any industry standard wiring accessible for personnel to maintain. This does not include and limited to wiring in attics, crawl spaces, or walls. The Company has the right to accept or refuse any/or all wiring.